In this episode, I continue my hemp study with spinning, knitting and dyeing. My dyeing-with-plants project begins with onion skins and touches on previous experiments with black beans. In the vegan segment I look into what happens to egg laying chickens. Is there really anything wrong with eggs? And I call upon everyone to step up, to make a difference, to help our species evolve and to leave our barbaric, violent culture behind. We can do better. Let’s do it. Time’s awasting.

Episode 3 – You say you want an evolution

Houndesign spindles 

Little Dragonflies Soap Sock 

One-Skein Tapestry Scarf 

Kayleen Knits for the Runes – in the sidebar on the right

Plants to Dye For on Ravelry 

Black beans as dye discussion on Ravelry

Natural Dyeing group on Ravelry 

The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes by Sasha Duerr

Vodka Lemonade sweater pattern 

CrafterNews Knitted Farm Animals

Vegan – Vegetarian Solutions for s Sustainable Environment  Scroll down to May 15, 2009 for Why Industrial Chicken Production is Wrong, Karen Davis interview. Also available on iTunes.

United Poultry Concerns

Hemp, spindle, fibre

Houndesign spindle with spun hemp and fibre

First hemp handspun

Skein of first hemp handspun

Hemp handspun after tannin

Hemp handspun after tannin

Hemp soapsock + handmade soap

Hemp soapsock with handmade soap

Hemp cotton plant dyes

Left: cotton dyed with chamomile, calendula and overdyed with black beans; Centre: handspun hemp dyed with onion skins; Right: cotton dyed with black beans and overdyed with turmeric root